Marketing and Operation

Your Investment will not disappear.

Marketing and Operation

collectively unbeatable.

The choice of location and the capacity of an aquafun water park are the basis for the upcoming successful operation. However, the right package is also not insignificant, from the license application through the pre-opening phase to the opening and marketing of your new aquafun water park. Let's go the way together.

Benefits? sure.

aquafun water parks have higher capacities than conventional systems and therefore considerable profitability advantages. All preliminary studies and decision making usually take place together with the aquafun team. With the decision for a turnkey solution from aquafun you benefit enormously. The customized marketing plan implemented locally is based on knowledge of the market and focuses on attracting and retaining your visitors.

Marketing and Operation – valuable experience

valuable experience

The size of the licensed area, the characteristics of the beach area, such as tides, water depths, currents, waves, wind or the structure of the beach visitors are crucial for the optimal composition and anchoring of your water park. Here, too, you benefit from our many years of experience in operating water parks and organizing water play events.

Marketing and Operation – out of the box

out of the box

The right combination of the individual elements of your new aquafun water park is an important factor for the acceptance of your visitors. But also the whole surrounding of the beach area, a good visibility, the access roads and parking lots are decisive factors for the successful operation. And of course: The city and the surrounded shops and dealers also benefit from your new attraction.

Marketing and Operation – permission granted

permission granted

Authorities and municipalities want to see how efficient and professional you are as an operator. Your concept must be clear and easy to understand for the responsible offices. If your concept and your answers to the city administration are given in a professional way, you have a good chances to get your license very quickly. Are you a professional? If not, we will stay right next to you.

Marketing and Operation – well build

well build

Of course, you can take the installation of your new water park into your own hands. We are happy to supply you with special rubber parts, V4A carabiners, screw-anchors and other materials. However, you are optimally prepared for a season as a park operator with our professional installation service. Because experience can never be replaced by anything.

Marketing and Operation – total control

total control

Regular checks and complete maintenance ensure the quality of your water park and make it a safe and long-term investment. Weather and salt water are working on your park everyday – you can not prevent that. Of course, we'll tell you exactly what to look out before, during and after the season, as well as what you can do in case of minor damages.

Marketing and Operation – safety first

safety first

Through our services, we ensure that you, as the operator, can rely on having chosen the right partner. Of course, the topic of security is not checked off yet. Because you as the operator have to keep an eye on the safety of your visitors, too. We show you how to achieve this service most effectively and how to introduce your lifeguards correctly in our training courses.

Marketing and Operation – happy people

happy people

For us the highest priority. For water park operators – an important goal. aquafun works with park operators through each important stage, design and marketing - listed in our marketing package, operational procedures, safety and installation. From how to promote your aquafun water park, acquiring new customers, selling tickets, installation, lifeguarding and safety procedures. We help you to insures your water park visitors are safe, have a fun and unforgettable experience.

  • Staff training including operator certificate

  • Website including blog and social media

  • Advertising and promotion material

  • Lifeguards and other services

  • Team clothing, beach-kiosk, entrance control etc.

We think of everything for you.