Ocean Line

Seaworthy. Impressive. Thrilling.

Your favorite aquafunpark is easy to find: The figures above shows the number of visitors who can have fun simultaneously.

aquafun Ocean Line aquafunpark 85v1

Ocean Line

The smart one.

Round and around or through the middle. After a complete round you sometimes take the short cut through the center. Many elements are much bigger than in traditional water parks, making it more challenging and fun. With this water park of the aquafun OCEAN LINE you will give your guests lasting memories. This in turn ensures, that they keep coming back. And one more thing is clear: The bigger the park, the more guests can have fun at the same time. In plain language: The greater the capacity, the higher the profitability. NOTES: Integrated lifeguard tower. Individual adaptations possible.

    aquafun products are certified by the TUV Germany.

aquafunpark 85v1









Selection and number of the individual elements of this water park are optimally coordinated. If you want to know more about an element, please select …

Ocean Line