Competitive. Victorious. Exciting.

Play your games with aquafun WETBALL. No rules. No limits. Fun only. aquafun has reinvented fun sports. aquafun WETBALL is the revolution of water games.

Let the games begin

The inflatable aquafun WETBALL arena is ready. The teams take their sides. The crowd waits for the whistle – GAME ON… A scenario which could happen also at your leisure area or your school in the near future. aquafun WETBALL is fun and competition at the same time. It is the latest craze sweeping the world – it combines several high tech inflatable pitches for all kind of ball games and water – to create one of the most addictive games for all ages and an unforgettable summer.

Let the games begin



With aquafun WETBALL we have created a revolutionary designed inflatable pitch with padded floor, misting sprays from the roof and mesh roof and sides – to create super slippery, super fun and super safe aquafun WETBALL games. A large arena to play football, handball, hockey, basketball or volleyball. Team vs. team, the holding of the next college championships or for corporate fitness the sales department plays against the service department. Sports without frontiers – but with lots of fun.










A new dimension in team sports

aquafun WETBALL creates room for new perspectives and lots of variations in ball sports. Various floor coverings provide the right atmosphere.

aquafun Wetball Wetball
aquafun Wetball Wetball